• Poems and Photos : Joe Manganiello Vacation

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    I don't know if you have been following, but Joe Manganiello and his gorgeous wife, Sofia Vergara, have been enjoying an absolutely stunning vacation on a remote island most of us will never visit because we are afraid of tiny planes after a million hour torture flight from NYC to LA, complete with an emergency landing in Vegas because we ran out of gas...sorry, I digress. 

    I will leave you with these photos and the beautiful words of one of my favorite poets, Pablo Neruda. 

    “Someday, somewhere - anywhere, unfailingly, you'll find yourself, and that, and only that, can be the happiest or bitterest hour of your life.”

    I'm going with happiest based on these photos...

    josofia 5

    josofia 3

    josofia 4

    josofia 2

    josofia 1

    Today simplicity is best.

    Enjoy your Tuesday and follow these two on Instagram - they really are adorable and pretty easy on the eyes.

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  • Dear Evan Hansen Inspiration : An Open Letter

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    Last night I saw Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway, and it gave me all the feels. After sobbing at Hamilton the day before, I was convinced I had no more tears in me and brought zero tissues. Big mistake. 

    The moment Ben Platt walked on stage I battled the urge to pick him up and put him in my pocket, where I could keep a close eye on him and protect him from the cruel world. I would sing him songs and make him tiny flannel pillows with my sewing machine…ok, maybe now this is sounding a little creepy so I’ll just say I really liked it and stuff. I mean, it's not like I'm counting the minutes to the release of the soundtrack so I can listen to Ben sing to me while I lie pining like a teenager on my Star Wars sheets. 

    Anyhoo, as I walked back to my Airbnb in the crisp night air I was inspired to add some open letters to our blog this year. In the show Evan’s letter writing efforts are a little, well, problematic… but I’m hoping my efforts will be more productive? Enjoyable? Used to get me a date with Idris Elba? Hard to say, but I’m sure you’ll let me know. 

    This week I’m going to write an open letter to the guy sitting kitty-corner from me on my Virgin America flight from NYC back to LA. Dude is right here, let's find out how nosey he is. 

    Dear Beardy Flannel Wearing Hipster across the aisle - 

    It’s been a rocky start, I think we can both agree on that. Between the two hour delay on the runway in the rain, and the person lying in the aisle in need of medical attention*, I haven’t been able to introduce myself. I considered using the seat to seat chat feature, but I’m worried that if I interrupt your video gaming you may get angry and that’s not the best way to kick things off.

    First off let me say how much I like your cozy plaid shirt, and the way you chew the collar as you wiggle around like you are driving a tiny go cart while you battle those aliens or ninjas or whatever they are. I don’t really play video games, and you are sitting directly behind my right shoulder, so I obviously can’t see your screen. I wish I could. If I were sitting next to you I could smile and give you the thumbs up when you snatch a new life or gold coin from that dragon wizard.  Maybe it’s Super Mario, or maybe you aren’t even playing a game…maybe you are just watching the GoPro channel and pretending it’s you skiing down those stupidly high mountains. I get it, you are a thrill-seeker and I love that about you. I mean LIKE, jeez I’m getting ahead of myself. 

    I noticed you just ordered a ginger ale right after I did - was that your way of flirting with me? Yeah, I picked up on that. Smooth. I think I’ll order the same protein box and glance at you ever so suavely as we enjoy our brie on crackers, you with a few crumbs lingering in your unruly beard. Oh to be a cracker on your rosy cheeks. 

    Jesus, is it hot in here or is it just me? I mean, seriously, it’s super hot in here, right? Ugh, I need more ginger ale, and maybe a little Jack to toss in it this time. Turbulence, turbulence, turbulence. I need a hand to hold. 

    Suddenly I hear a chuckle and my heart flutters - I love to watch men laugh. I know, it’s a weird thing to savor, but the way one’s eyes light up when they have a moment of pure joy is intoxicating. I am finding myself wishing I was the one lighting the fire of your amusement. I close my eyes and listen to your stifled chuckle as you try to contain yourself, courteously avoiding bothering those around you. I smile, imagining we are sitting across from each other at a candlelit table, twinkling stars above and delicious glasses of red wine in our hands…

    I thnk I'm going to turn around, finally ready to meet your eyes and spend the remainder of our hundred hour flight cozily getting acquainted. "What?" I'll say, "you noticed me at the gate and considered offering me one of your red vines? Aw, you should have, that would have been so sweet."

    Deep breath and I turn.

    You are nibbling the ear of the dude next to you. Yep, the one with the fabulously gorgeous pea coat I noticed in front of me at Peet’s coffee. I bet he smells like the expensive men’s section of the Duty Free shop and has less hair on his legs than I do. Well, he definitely looks better in a swimsuit and probably knows how to make artisanal gnocchi from scratch…

    Good on ya, dude. I have to admit, you made the right choice - I haven't washed my hair in three days. 

    Well, now I can take a nap.  

    Happy New Year! 

    — Me

    *said passenger is doing much better, and so far I have not had to whip out my sweet level one CERT disaster team skills. 

    ALSO - go see Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway and load your pockets with tisses - you'll need them. 

    evan hansen 2

  • New Year's Day Hamilton Hangover

    hamilton 1

    Hamilton - you've heard the buzz, you know the songs, and all you are wondering is "yeah, but is it REALLY that good?"

    The answer is YES YES YES!  

    I have memorized the words, I listen to the songs so loudly while driving I have had people give me thumbs ups from their car in freeway traffic, I have a stupidly nerdy admiration for Lin-Manuel, and I even caught myself wondering about the new Aaron Burr and Lafayette (I love Leslie Odom Jr. like a 13 year old, and have had dreams about braiding Daveed Diggs' hair at a late night house party)... 

    Let me put it this way - I began crying during the first number and sobbed not only at the places I expected, but mostly the entire show. When the live music and insane voices hit your body there is no other way to react. I fell in love in a way I hadn't in a very, very long time. 

    Also...I may or may not have developed tiny crushes on most of the cast by the end.

    Here are a few of the handsome and breathtaking gentleman I was lucky enough to share air with :


    Javier Muñoz 

    I expected to love his performance, I was prepared to smile as he filled Hamilton's shoes, but I was not prepared to miss him when he was not center stage...and when I say I was disappointed to find he did not have an Instagram account I may have cried a little (it was probably the whiskey). I have added "don't tweet Javier daily" to my list of New Year's Resolutions. 

    Charisma that makes your skin tingle and eyes that would give the iciest heart chills...I should know. 

    Here's his Twitter - it'll do for now...


    Brandon Victor Dixon

    Charming does not begin to describe this man's performance of Aaron Burr. I found myself throughout the show thinking, "yeah, I mean, I can see where he's coming from..." 

    ...and when he belted out Wait For It, I sobbed. Dear Theodosia? Forget about it. Three packs of tissues - it was an ongoing joke until it wasn't. 

    I'd be lying if I said I didn't check out his Instagram before we even got to dinner - I think you'll understand why. Wowza. 


    Nicholas Christopher

    I have always liked Washington's performances on the soundtrack, but when Nicholas delivered One Last Time I got chills. I laughed out loud at the cabinet battles, and after Washington resigned I felt a genuine sorrow. I had a brief flash back to election night this year and the pain I felt when my candidate disappeared...it is nowhere near the same caliber (obviously) but throughout the show he became my president. I bought it. I was in. The stage presence was so glorious and strong and beautiful I smiled with pride. Hope. Genuine hope. 

    Plus he's, uh, well, so sexy I can barely handle it. Ridiculous. 

    Instagram? Uh, yeah. 


    Jevon Mcferrin

    This role is iconic - hilarious and amazing and quick and snappy and Jevon NAILED IT.  I cracked up several times and shared smiles with the stranger in the seat next to me. It took everything in me not to jam throughout the show (uh, Lin-Manuel, where is the dance floor) but during Guns and Ships I had to grab the sides of my seat! How do you NOT stand, with hands in the air, and scream "LAFAYETTE"? 

    Lucky you - this one has an Instagram too. Boom!

    OK, Javier, I think I know your first task of the year...Instagram! Maybe sip a cup of coffee in a soft jersey tea with the morning sun gleaming off your gorgeous locks? Not that I have given it any thought...

    javier 2

    Thank you so much to everyone involved with this show - I feel genuinely privileged to have been in the room where it happens. The best gift of hope and inspiration an artist...woman...human could receive. 

    Happy New Year - I'll be looking forward to the next time. Seriously, I'll come back anytime. 

  • New Crush : Erik Stocklin

    erik stocklin 2

    If you weren't already familiar with the HILARIOUS Miranda Sings, then you are in for a treat with the new show Haters Back Off on Netflix. 

    Miranda is a hot mess and her friend Patrick may be one of the most adorable humans I have seen in a very long time. Seriously, he's the sweetest.

    The only thing that stinks about Erik Stocklin (Patrick) is the serious lack of photos of his cute face on the internet. 

    What the heck?

    I'm always available for a shoot! Call me!

    While I continue to hunt the Googles, you should enjoy this trailer. It's all you need to start falling for him :

    I'm not gonna lie - the season finale made me cry. That is all. 

    erik stocklin 1

  • Save The Day : VOTE

    chris pine election 2

    Listen, I would follow Chris Pine, dressed in a clown costume, into a dark forest on Halloween. The man is sexy, charming, and an all around amazing human (YES I met him and YES he was everything you think he is). 

    That said, if he pranced around like a bigoted, misogynistic baby, I may change my tune. 

    Thankfully he just plays one in this hilarious video by Save The Day VOTE. Enjoy! 

    Not to be controversial, but #ImWithHer!

    chris pine election 1