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WonderCon : Three Things We Learned

wonder con

If you have ever been to Comic-Con in San Diego, you are familiar with a year of preparation and planning and scheduling and emailing and getting into makes me tired just thinking about it. 

Yes, I'm going to Comic-Con again if you are wondering - working on the hotel thing in a different tab as I write this, in fact. 

On Thursday evening our camera backpack was locked and loaded, press pass paperwork ready to go, and snack bars packed when we received a text from a friend :

"Hey, can I go to WonderCon with you tomorrow?"


"Sure," I replied, "I'll pick you up at 8:30."

Then I went back to what I was doing and didn't take into consideration the information I neglected to share with my dear friend. I assumed (or actually didn't even think about) the fact that prepping for a day at a Con is not necessarily a pop in situation. So I went back to work and got up the next day and prepped and picked her up and greatly enjoyed our drive down. 

Once we were there she asked a security guard, "Excuse me, where is the line to buy tickets?" 

My entire body froze as he asked her, "Uh, you don't have a ticket?"

I chimed in, "We'll figure it out. Thanks!" and pulled my friend aside. 

"You didn't buy a ticket online? I guess I shouldn't have assumed..."

My friend smiled and was not concered until she was.


In an effort to save you some pain and share some tried and true tips, here are three things we learned at WonderCon Anaheim :

1. Plan ahead - this cannot be emphasized enough. You will need to sign up online for a member ID (which is not a quick and simple task on your phone) and then you'll need to secure tickets (assuming there are any) and this is all while standing in a line of 4000 people dressed as random anime characters you don't know (if you are me). 

Visit the website well in advance. Review all schedules and procedures. Download the app. 

Don't be like my friend (even though I love her dearly).

2. Wear comfortable shoes and take water. As soon as we parked and started walking we realized it was much hotter than expected...then when we discovered my friend wasn't going to breeze in with a press pass like I was, she stood in a hot line wearing jeans with nothing to drink as I texted her from inside the air conditioned convention center while taking selfies with storm troopers (yes, I seriously did this). Again, don't be like us. 

3. The dude from Midnight, Texas is crazy hot. This won't necessarily help you plan ahead for the next Con, but it will provide endless entertainment as you Google photos of him and follow him on every form of social media, despite his being a self proclaimed "reluctant partaker in social media." A long hot line in Anaheim becomes very productive when you are discovering and semi stalking a gorgeous actor you weren't previously acquainted with. The dude's name is François Arnaud (so very sexy) - you're welcome.  

Here's the trailer for the upcoming Midnight, Texas if you haven't seen it yet :If you have any questions about WonderCon or who my favorite cosplay was, feel free to hit us up on Twitter!

Please enjoy this photo of our new favorite supernatural superhero while researching and planning your trip to Comic-Con! We can meet up for cocktails!

wonder con francois