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Taboo : Tom Hardy

taboo 800

Last year I heard Tom Hardy was making a TV show and I got excited. Then I saw the teaser trailer for Taboo and almost peed my pants. By the time the full trailer was out I knew I was going to love it - I didn't know what it was about of if there was even any other people in it, but I knew Tom Hardy was dirty and angry and I was in. 

Sadly I have not been able to sit down and watch Taboo until last night, and then I was bummed I could only watch one episode. I see a very late night of binging ahead of me...

Taboo is dark and creepy and I had to turn on the closed captioning because I was so blown away by Tom Hardy's supreme gorgeousness I wasn't paying attention to words. Seriously, we all know he's handsome but as James he's staggeringly sexy. 

I had dreams last night I didn't know I had in me. Dark, filthy, dreams. When the beeping of morning pierced my dream I grabbed his hand, as if pleading with it to let me stay. I would have chucked my alarm across the room, but it's my phone and I like it so I had to just lie there and be angry for awhile. 

I'm interested to see where the story goes (yep, I think there's an actual story), but also look forward to staring at Tom in that grimy black hat sauntering through the grey muck. Meow. 

Check it out and let us know what you think :