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Picnic Area 11 + Paul Howard

picnic11 2Daily Hot Guy recently caught up with Paul Howard and Brett Richards, two of our models and the stars of a new web short, Picnic Area 11. This is what Paul had to say about their exciting new project:

"Picnic Area 11 is a comedy short that I wrote in February, filmed in March, edited and completed in April, and will premiere online May 11! In many ways Picnic Area 11 is an experiment, and the first of hopefully more--the goal is to do 3 more this year.


I wanted to take a concept I have been doing for a few years now with my holiday cards (Nutcracker, Jack Frost), and apply it to film. I want to bring a team of talented people together to create high quality, conceptual, low budget work. In a new world where content is king, I want to bring talented individuals together who want to create something truly great and entertaining!  I see this experiment as being similar to repertoire theatre or even the original studio system, a place where talented artists have the freedom to participate in all or some projects. Sometimes these individuals have jobs that differ from project to project, and need the freedom to opt in or out based on availability. The end result, however, is the same--exposure for all involved through promotion and a credit for their resumes and reels. Sadly, I have found people get little opportunity to show off work they are proud of!"

picnic 11 3

Congrats, boys! We can't wait to hear about upcoming projects. Keep creating! 

Want more Picnic Area 11? Check out their channel on YOUTUBE!