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Model : Serge Martinenko


Photos by AJ Riley

Name : Serge Martinenko

Hometown : Los Angeles, CA

Favorite quote : “One more!”

Can you do a cartwheel or handstand?  Doing cartwheels while playing drums on stage

Beach or mountains? Why? Mountains. I was born in a Northern European country. Blood of Vikings runs deep inside me somewhere!

Most loved workout? Deadlifts - your whole body gets adrenaline rush you would never get with any other exercise

Best date night movie? There are many other good ways to spend your date which involves giving attention to your chosen date instead of a cinema screen :)

One place you haven’t been you are dying to go : Japan

Bath or shower? Shower it is. 

Song that makes you dance every time you hear it : Montell Jordan - This is How We Do It 

Favorite food to eat on a holiday/cheat day : Full on burrito or whole plate of ribs in BBQ sauce

What are you currently working on (professional or personal) that you are passionate about?  Getting my career off the ground and making people close to me happy


Photos by AJ Riley

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Photos by AJ Riley