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Jeff Bosley : popchips contestant


From birth, Jeff's life seemed destined for the unlikely combination of Army Green Beret and actor. During preschool years, his mother was constantly sewing one superhero cape or costume after another. Then came a two-story camouflaged fort in the back yard, including a "secret" entry door, covered lower gun ports and a trap door to the upper turret; there was even a zip line to escape the fort to safety.

While pretending to be John Rambo, he needed camouflaged clothes, which he refused to allow his mother to repair when damaged in combat because "Rambo would not wear patches." When Jeff was not at playing a Green Beret in his fort or in the nearby hills, he was Maverick in his 2-seater cardboard box Navy jet with his little sister in the rear seat as Goose--she was only three and did not watch Top Gun, so when he hollered to her during a fierce dogfight, "Talk to me Goose," she looked confused and finally uttered, "Well, it's a nice day." That ruined the whole scene for Jeff, he couldn't just pretend a cardboard box was a car. No, he had to have working windshield wipers. Cap guns weren't acceptable. Jeff saved up for a toy 9mm Beretta that emitted electronic gunshot sounds, so realistic it might get a person shot today.

Halloween was Jeff's Christmas, and mom was always there with newly sewn costumes, special effects and makeup. As The Terminator, he had a working red robotic eye wired to a battery that was hidden beneath layers of fake charred skin. The Beetlejuice costume had an authentic honking crotch feature, just like the movie, and his Freddy Kruegar costume was too real, getting him in trouble at the Lutheran grade school he attended—“a bit over the top,” but routine for Jeff. At the same Lutheran school, he was in a Christmas play and, without telling anyone, rigged his pants so they would drop to his ankles when he performed a cartwheel—a church play, in the church. These antics did not go over well, as you can imagine.

Jeff is an avid fly fisherman who tied his own flies and rowed drift boats in the Henry's Fork River of Idaho for college tuition. Jeff continued his adventures in the worlds of steer wrestling, SCUBA diving and fire fighting. It seemed his only constants have been fitness and the magical world of pretend.

In college Jeff’s love of acting continued, and he studied acting and performed in a year’s worth of theatre productions. Then came 9/11, and Jeff was constantly thinking about it--before he aged too much and regretted not trying, he decided to join the United States Army and become a Green Beret. Not just a Green Beret, but a rare Green Beret medic. Despite staggering odds against success, he was determined and accomplished his goal.

When Jeff is involved with acting, he's like a kid in a candy store--always on his phone or computer seeking auditions. Jeff has acted in USC student films, independent projects, fully funded projects and everything in between. Jeff is acting and producing several movies between Denver and Los Angeles. As with everything in his life, he sees this as another great unending adventure, not work.

Jeff's acting life, work ethic, and obsession with perfection can be summed up perfectly in a recent conversation between he and the other feature lead on set when she asked him what he did for fun. Jeff's response? “Work.”

VIsit Jeff on his WEBSITE, or on Facebook, Twitter, IMDB and Vimeo. Such a busy bee!


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