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Day One : BNP Paribas Open

On Thursday morning we got out of L.A. bright and early and drove straight to the RumChata tent at the Indian Wells Tennis Center. Well, not right up to the tent, as the men with the orange sticks would only let us go so far. Once we were hydrated and fed, we were ready to dive into the practice courts and were handsomely rewarded...

First we saw Tomas Berdych and he gave us a quick lesson in serving. Our RumChata and excitement over being so close to him may have caused us to take a million photos of this. 

berydych 800

Then we caught up with Mischa Zverev and his intense blue steel pose...


When we took a stroll over to the soccer field we watched this guy and his cute butt play soccer. He never actually turned around and none of the people standing around with giant green balls (literally) knew who he was so although we are sure he's someone super hot and talented, we just appreciated his soccer skills (butt). 

cute butt

We found Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and drooled a bit over his amazing hair...

tsonga 2

I mean, he's unreal. Swoon. 


Not to mention he had this gorgeous guy on the court with him - sorry we don't know your name, dude, but thank you for decorating the court with your, uh, sportsmanship. 

thong's hot friend

Finally we found Roger Federer and soaked in a little of his sunshine...

federer butt

and watched him walk away. Not bad, wink wink.

federer butt

We had a great day and can't wait to tell you all about Friday! Hopefully there will be lots of Djoky time, since we watched him today and were so mesmerized we forgot to take photos. Well, that or it was the RumChata.

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