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Contestant : Jimmy Halliday

jimmy halliday skydiving

Name:  Jimmy Halliday

Hometown: Novato, CA but Cloverdale CA is definitely my home now!


About myself:  Where do I begin?  Currently I am owner/operator of the coolest skydiving facility in the world: NorCal Skydiving.  Check out our yelp reviews!

How did I get here?  Well, I started skydiving in 1989 at the age of 16.  Yup been skydiving 23 years.  So that has been a hobby FOREVER.  Before skydiving became my job, I did a hella lotta stuff to stay out of the "real" world.  I actually always wanted to be a hollywood stuntman, that was my childhood dream.  So after high school I did the classic run away and join the circus, traveling with Ringling Brothers circus for 3 years after high school.  In the circus I was a clown and...wait for it...Human Cannonball.  That's right, I used to get shot out of the cannon in Ringling Brothers Circus.  What a blast. HA! Get it?

After my stint with the circus I did indeed go to L.A. to try to to fulfill my childhood dream of making it big as a Hollywood stuntman.  I was a starving Bell Hop at the Huntington Hilton while I went all over Hollywood knocking on doors I hoped would lead to me to my goal.  How cool would it be to get paid to be set on fire, crash cars, and fall off huge buildings?

Well, it didn't work out.  Apparently the stunt community is a very tight knit group and you basically gotta be born into it. After about a year, I bit the bullet and went to college--that's when I started skydiving for work.  At first skydiving was just a summer gig, but after I graduated from college I still didn't want a "regular" job, so I started skydiving year round. I traveled all over the U.S. working at large skydiving facilities.  My favorite skydiving job was at was Skydive Hawaii--you can imagine how beautiful it is to jump over an Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I eventually made it back to Northern California and my partner and I opened up NorCal skydiving 5 years ago.

Other than skydiving for work, and jumping off fixed objects (B.A.S.E. jumping) in my spare time, I like to kick it at home, play with my dogs, and workout.  You should see my home gym.  It blows away any 24 hr. fitness!

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