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Brady Matthews is a hot shot


If Brady Matthews handed you his business card it would read "Actor/Stand Up Comedian/Painter/Entrepreneur/Maker of VaginaTees."  Yes, you read that correctly, VaginaTees.

After working for years as an actor, Brady Matthews began getting a little restless. Stand up comedy had always been a passion of Brady's, so he gave it a shot; despite the fact that people continually told him he was too good looking for comedy (poor baby). The tours and headlining gigs quickly followed, and Brady hasn't looked back. Next time you are in the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, check the wall--you will find our hero's name among the greats.


Once Brady had dominated the comedy circuit, he again began searching for a new creative outlet and discovered painting. The first couple paintings were terrible (in his opinion), but after finding inspiration from POP artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Warhol, Banksy, Alec Monopoly, and Annie Preece; Brady found his groove by blending their methods. After painting for only two months, Brady had sold two paintings and was soon asked to place his canvases in a gallery on Sunset Boulevard called Rock Paper where he quickly sold two more.


Whenever he finds himself content, Brady knows it's time to start creating something new. What should come next? V-AGINa Tees.  The tees began as a by product of Brady's stand up comedy, and have taken on a life of their own. After creating 25 by hand and selling out of them at the Irvine Improv, Brady knew he had something special and went into business. Now YOU can have your own tee too! Shop HERE and join the fun.


It seems as though meeting Brady Matthews has given us quite the activity list:

First, head over to his WEBSITE and head out to see him perform some comedy.

Then, visit the art gallery (I hope they have wine) and check out some POP art.

Finally, we'll have to pick up a V-AGINa Tee and Instagram photos of ourselves drinking tea on set with handsome men. Whew! It's tough to be a DHG girl.

Wanna hook up with Brady? Go to or, then tweet him @BradyMatthews13 with your thoughts and send him a hot photo on Instagram @BananaFalcon. Maybe we'll bump into you at the next show!