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Andre Hannoush


Name: Andre Hannoush

Age: 21

Hometown: West Springfield, MA

Facebook Page:

Twitter: @DreHanno

Follow me on Instagram at drehanno

About Me: I'm a very happy-go-lucky type of guy! I can turn a negative situation into a positive one, and always looking to make new friends.  I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend of 5 years, going to the gym, art, piano, video games, and working hard.  I've been working for the family business selling jewelry (diamonds and other fun sparklies) for over 5 years now and recently discovered modeling as a new hobby.
There’s so much for me to talk about because I have so much going on! I have grown up in a very large, loving, supportive Lebanese family and this has shaped me into the guy I’ve become. I have 40 cousins (I wasn’t joking we’re huge) who all support me and one another in everything! I have learned the importance of family from my background and put my family above all else. Family first and foremost which helped me come up with my personal motto, “Never forget where you came from and the people who helped you get there.”
My family has instilled a strong work ethic in me from an early age, due to the challenges they overcame when they moved to the United States with nothing but the shirts on their back. My grandmother raised eight boys (she actually dressed the youngest up as a girl sometimes) and they eventually started a family business that has grown into one of the largest family owned jewelry retailers in the nation. Check it out HERE! I’m so proud and grateful for everything they have accomplished, and hope to one day make my family as proud as they have made me!
I like to think of myself as a renaissance man due to my varying interests, such as music, art, and working out. I’m not someone who can be labeled and put into a box; instead I like to think outside of the box. I’m lucky to have found the love of my life at an early age, and appreciate her every day (she might have told me to write that but its true).
I became interested in modeling because I thought it would boost my confidence when working with people in the retail industry. I believe that it’s very important to believe in yourself if you want to become successful in any aspect of life. Like I said earlier, I have a huge family and I thought it would be interesting to approach something entirely different from anything they have ever tried.  It’s important for me to win the DHG/popchips model search because it will help me branch out to the West coast (I’ll admit, you guys have some pretty sexy beaches there) where Californians can see what I have to offer. So please vote for me--I promise to be the most funny, sincere, charming daily hot guy out there!