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Amazing Book : Born A Crime, Trevor Noah

born a crime 2

Yesterday I had a long drive to and from San Diego and needed something to listen to as I slowly chugged though the pouring rain. Before I left I logged into Audible (audio books are one of the best things to ever happen) and saw Trevor Noah's book, Born A Crime, sitting and waiting for me patiently. Done!

We all love Trevor Noah and his amazingness on The Daily Show, but I was not prepared for the stories of his childhood. I am only about a third of the way through the book, and have learned more about life in South Africa than I expected, and it is incredibly fascinating. Trevor's theory that language can bring us together, despite our physical differences is so true and so needed right now. Trevor is a fantastic storyteller, and his gorgeous voice doesn't hurt one bit.

I can't recommend Born A Crime enough - check it out on Amazon and Audible! born a crime 1

OH - and for those of you who have never experienced Trevor's genius on The Daily Show, here you go: