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5 Second Rule : ZeroRez Men are Hot


Rolled around on your living room floor with your favorite dude lately? Do yourself a favor and don’t think about all the dog hair and dirt you are collecting in your freshly washed hair; it can be a real mood killer. It’s one thing to quickly call out “5 second rule” as you retrieve your $3 raw almond from the kitchen floor, but I guarantee you are spending more than 5 seconds smooching that man on your carpet.

Did you know humans shed about 1/5 ounce of dead skin flakes each week? Once you get over the initial fascination, take a moment to think about what this means for all those unreachable corners in your house - I think I may have a human man behind my unmovable sofa if this is the case. Hmmmm, intriguing...

Remember that cucumber you dropped on the floor during the Oscars party then quickly brushed off and ate? Yep, there were pieces of your friends stuck to that. Bon Appétit!


Enter my new favorite friend, Keith. My carpets are freshly cleaned, my furniture looks like new, and I have fashionable plastic cozies for all my friends to wear over their shoes when they stop by for champagne.

Jealous? Don’t be, I share my men. Hit up @ZeroRezSoCal and request he pay you a visit--you’ll be so glad you did.  To sweeten the deal, I’m going to give you a present if you mention code Hotg20 :

2 Areas for $99 - carpet, tile, hardwood (wink wink). Call  866-937-6739 and tell Keith you need him to pay you a visit--he’ll even let you photograph him. I did. Although I may not share ALL of those...

...and YES I did sample the goods. If Keith was gonna clean my carpets for free, the least I could do was take a sip.