• Model : Jaewon


    Name: Jaewon

    Hometown: Hoover, Alabama

    Favorite Quote : “Never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” Winston Churchill

    Can you do a cartwheel or handstand? Oh yeah. Just did both to make sure.

    Beach or mountains? Why? Mountains. In the midst of chasing our dreams, we all drift from our roots. Each time the mountain graciously offers me passage, I find my way back to who I really am. There’s nothing like meeting myself at the face of adversity with my Ka-Bar and some 550 cord.

    Most loved workout? For me, everything is mental. If it is challenging, I love it. If I had to pick one, running for the body and philosophy for the mind. Quantum mechanics isn’t a bad alternative.

    Best date night movie? Ice Age. Maybe Despicable Me, I love minions.

    One place you haven’t been you are dying to go: So many places. Mars. Moon. I definitely want to visit civilizations in other planetary systems. If I have to pick just one place on Earth, then northern Alaska. I want to explore uncharted territories and cook dinner over a warm fire while gazing at the aurora over my head.

    Bath or shower? Bath. In a natural fresh water pool or hot spring.

    Song that makes you dance every time you hear it: White Ghost Shivers by The New Orleans Owls. I’m a goof ball when it comes to dance. But, ever since I watched Will Smith’s Hitch, I kept my real dance moves at home. In public, ninety degree elbows and small steps side to side; unless you call me out. ;)

    Don't tempt us...

    Favorite food to eat on a holiday/cheat day: What is a holiday and how do you work out your cheat muscle? I eat clean meals that I cook at home. I absolutely love eating so I eat most food. Schnitzel and Hefeweizen wins most of the time. No fast food. No junk ever.

    What are you currently working on (professional or personal) that you are passionate about?Rockets. I am developing a family of small launch vehicles to give the average person an affordable access into space. Back in grade school, everyone laughed at me when I said this. Then, I started building nuclear rockets for NASA and the laughter slowed down. I currently work with some of the most brilliant engineers and professionals at Conspire Technology Corporation. We’re working very hard and we never give up. Outside of rockets, I work as an actor and model. I am focusing on action and I want to work my way into Marvel films. I also volunteer my time to various non-profit organizations. I am a strong advocate of quality education; especially for underprivileged students. It is imperative that we lead future generations by example.


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  • We Have a Ludlows Lad Winner!


    One fine morning I was headed to a meeting with one of our collaborators when I received a text, “I have Jelly Shots!”

    My first thought was “YES!” and the second was, “Um, it’s 9:30am, what’s going on over there?”

    Needless to say I flew through the door and tried all 5 crafty Jelly Shot flavors before I even set down my laptop.

    Perhaps I should have a cup of coffee first? Nah.

    I was immediately inspired and looked up Ludlows Cocktails and it’s fabulous owner, Freya Estreller. A few days and a meeting later we had launched the Ludlows Lad competition and I had found a new boozy vegan treat. Win!

    This week brought the selection of our Ludlows Lad winner (he’s AMAZING) and the exciting addition of a third female owned business into the mix - The Wellesbourne, founded by Sophie Huterstein. With a gorgeous bar, delicious cocktails and a handsome winner lined up I can barely contain my excitement. 

    Wish you could join us for the big reveal party? Tweet us and share your favorite classic cocktail - a few lucky winners will join the fun! Yahoo!

  • Halloween Cocktail : Whiskey Dead


    We love Andrew Lincoln. We love zombies. We love whiskey. 

    This recipe is pure joy.

    Whiskey Dead 

    1 full shot whiskey (cherry/berry infused if you have forethought)

    1 full shot triple sec

    juice of one whole lemon

    one WHOLE egg (we know, we know)

    shake it up with ice

    pour into glass

    add red wine floater

    BE HAPPY!!! 

    Feliz Halloween! Let us know what you think!  Don't forget to watch The Walking Dead on AMC!

  • Cocktail : Momoa Mai Tai


    We went to Maui. 

    We loved it.

    While we were there we drank an amazing Mai Tai and decided we needed to recreate it in a delicious and simple way - this recipe pretty much nails it.


    Let us know what you think!


    1 full shot dark rum

    1 full shot light rum

    1 full shot peach schnapps

    2 full shots passion fruit juice

    Shake with ice


    ***Don't drive anywhere or attempt water sports after consuming. 

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