• I Had a Dave Grohl Dream

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    My friend, Sarah, was telling me about how she’d gotten a job assisting Dave Grohl with an event, and how she simply did not have the time for it. 

    I had a hard time believing she wasn’t super pumped, not just about working with Dave (who is apparently a super nice guy), but to help the charity the event was supporting. I don’t remember what the charity was because this was a dream and clearly not the focus of my first time Dave Grohl fantasy. Sorry, charities the Foo Fighters support, I was apparently being a bad listener during that part of the story. 

    “I’ll do it,” I interjected. “I’d love to work with him, and I have the next few weeks free…” I casually dropped while silently freaking out (in the dream) because apparently I have been nursing a hefty desire to be friends with Dave Grohl for many years. Who knew?

    Sarah was super relieved and in a dream montage of some sort (I wonder if the song was Everlong) I met Dave, we laughed and ate ice cream, and did some activity which involved motorcycles and possibly a roadside tiki bar that may or may not have been on the beach in Hawaii. Apparently Dave and I were really hitting it off and this event was going to be off the chain (if that is still a saying).

    On the night of the big event there were hundreds of people in various degrees of fancy and fashionable, and Dave and I gave each other the thumbs up through herds of humans drinking bright pink champagne. It was a success! We had really done, well, IT. You know, whatever the heck we were there to do. Hurray US!

    As we walked through the venue, putting chairs on tables like we were in kindergarten, we laughed and chatted about how great it all was. I don’t actually remember what we said because, well, I was asleep.

    Then I walked Dave to his 1990’s Black Jeep Cherokee (probably not what he actually drives) and got into the passenger seat so he could drive me to my car, I’m guessing. Before I knew it we were making out and just as I was starting to say, “Dave, I’m, well, you're…” flashbulbs were popping. Oh no! Paparazzi! 

    I ducked and covered my face and he stepped out to talk kindly with them and ask them to go away. As they retreated, he peeked into the car and said “Don’t worry, they don’t know who you are and these photos are unusable.”

    “Yes I do know! Her name is on the program as a producer!” he ran away, I’m assuming he knew I was going to kick his ass if I caught him.  

    Dave sat down in the driver’s seat. “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, you just look so beautiful tonight.” Swoon. 


    Ugh, time to get up. 

    Laters, Dave, it’s been real. Can we hang out in real life, please? I hate to admit it, but I’ve really missed you all day. Let’s grab a Mai Tai, K?  

  • Manspiration : 3.30.16

    3.30.16 800

    Today I sat on hold with the cable company for over 2 hours trying to resolve a stupid error on their part that caused them to shut down the internet at the office. As we all know, it's impossible to read articles about Henry Cavill with no internets so this was a major problem. Through the magic of smartphones I was able to surf away and found some gems worthy of sharing. 

    1. The above photo of Tom Hardy will actually make your life better.

    2. Genius @Lido worked Kanye's Life of Pablo album into 8 minutes and it's fantastic : http://lifeofpeder.com/

    3. I want to watch The Lost Boys again - so much hotness. So many mullets! LOVE.

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  • Netflix Series : Flaked

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    I love Will Arnett like a rainbow over a sparkling lake full of whiskey - the man is pure wonderfulness. I like him so much I don't even care if that's a word.

    March 11 on Netflix FLAKED happens and we should all be super excited! Right? Right. 

  • Poem : 1

    man back 800

    I woke up and he was gone

    A shadow and a subtle crease where he once was

    The sheets are still warm

    I bury my face

    Take a deep breath

    The smell of his skin makes mine warm

    I close my eyes

    Imagine his hands on me 

    The breeze dances through the open window

    A half full glass of once fizzy water on the nightstand

    Champagne and popcorn

    Whiskey and chocolate

    I can still taste it

    I should get up


    But if I close my eyes I can go back

    So I do

    I drift off

    Heavier and heavier

    Until he’s back

    Face on the pillow

    Eyes devouring me

    Lips smirking


  • Rant : Narcissism

    This video perfectly sums up how I feel about a current situation in my life. I am watching a dear friend deal with a textbook nacissist, and he's ruining her life. The man is self centered, acts like a child, and has actually said, to multiple people, that he is "the only one who matters." 

    We need to remember that being an adult human is hard for all of us. Yes, some have greater challenges, and this is where empathy emerges. Genuine empathy. It's easy to help those who really need us. 

    Deciding you are the most important person you know is not a challenge worthy of empathy. Feeling frustrated that the world doesn't fall at your feet can be frustrating, sure, but it's not a real problem. I feel sorry for you, yes, that you have build a prison around yourself you cannot escape. The only reason you cannot escape, however, is fear. The key is patiently waiting in your hand. 

    Think about your relationships. Think about whether they are healthy for everyone involved. Hug the ones who are, hug the ones who aren't, but don't let them pull you under the water with them. No one is that important, even if they think they are.