• COCKtail : Fassbender Fig


    My sister in law and I have a bit of a cocktail artistry addiction. I think we like creating and playing with ingredients almost as much as we love consuming the works of art we slave over. A little of this, a little of that, and the next thing you know we have a masterpiece. Here’s our latest creation, the Fassbender Fig.

    Michael Fassbender + fig infused bourbon + sprinkles of magic = YUM

    We did make a video while we were shooting this, but so far it is only a bloopers reel because heaven forbid we keep it together for 5 minutes. I’ll find a way to make it cohesive when I have about 20 uninterrupted hours to devote to it. In the meantime, maybe you can channel our beverage enthusiasm:

    Since you learned absolutely nothing watching that video, here is some actual information :

    We used bourbon and fresh figs. Halved the figs and let the jar sit for about 3 days, we are not patient people.

    Prepare two simple syrups -

    1. Simmer 3/4 cup sugar with 1/2 cup water and the juice of an orange. Let cool.

    2. Take a jar and use 1/2 cup warm water and 1/2 cup sugar and many fresh rosemary sprigs and shake and shake and shake let sit for a couple minutes. I learned this technique from Jamie, DJ BBQ, and Simone (so sorry I always mispronounce your name, I need help) on Drinks Tube. It really comes in handy when you want to cocktail on the go. Homemade rosemary bitters coming in the future, so stay tuned.

    Grab a shaker and fill halfway with ice

    Add 2 parts fig infused bourbon poured through a sieve to filter fig bits

    Add 1 part of each simple syrup (less if you don’t like sweet)

    Shake it up

    Pour into glass and top with sparkling white wine/champagne/prosecco per your preference

    Garnish and watch your friends go nuts. Seriously this is amazing.

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  • Model : Serge Martinenko


    Photos by AJ Riley

    Name : Serge Martinenko

    Hometown : Los Angeles, CA

    Favorite quote : “One more!”

    Can you do a cartwheel or handstand?  Doing cartwheels while playing drums on stage

    Beach or mountains? Why? Mountains. I was born in a Northern European country. Blood of Vikings runs deep inside me somewhere!

    Most loved workout? Deadlifts - your whole body gets adrenaline rush you would never get with any other exercise

    Best date night movie? There are many other good ways to spend your date which involves giving attention to your chosen date instead of a cinema screen :)

    One place you haven’t been you are dying to go : Japan

    Bath or shower? Shower it is. 

    Song that makes you dance every time you hear it : Montell Jordan - This is How We Do It 

    Favorite food to eat on a holiday/cheat day : Full on burrito or whole plate of ribs in BBQ sauce

    What are you currently working on (professional or personal) that you are passionate about?  Getting my career off the ground and making people close to me happy


    Photos by AJ Riley

    Visit Serge on Model Mayhem - on Models.com - on ModelWireNetwork 


    Photos by AJ Riley

  • Model : Renaldo "Penny" Smith


    Name : Renaldo T. Smith

    Hometown : Exuma, Bahamas

    Favorite quote : “If nothing saves us from death, at least love should save us from life.” Pablo Neruda

    Can you do a cartwheel or handstand? Both! Island boys learn it all.

    Beach or mountains? Why? Beach. I was raised on the beach, in the ocean.

    Most loved workout? Biceps! Everybody loves big arms!

    Best date night movie? Easily “50 First Dates”

    Bath or shower? Shower with music playing, feels like heaven.

    Favorite food to eat on a holiday/cheat day : Bacon cheeseburger & mac n cheese

    What are you currently working on (professional or personal) that you are passionate about?  My first book called “All You Need is Love.” Although I’m not so sure that still holds true...


    Visit Renaldo's website and catch up with him on Instagram and Facebook - tell him we said hello!

  • Warwick Rowers : Naked and Charitable


    If you haven’t heard of the Warwick Rowers, your life is about to improve. Not only are they a strong and sexy group of gorgeously fit men, they raise money annually to support Sport Allies, a group who “promotes inclusion and challenges homophobia and transphobia among young people.”  

    We like this.

    The Warwick Rowers define how DHG ladies like our men - charitable and naked. 


    Yes, they are a real sports team and have produced world class competitive and Olympic rowers.

    Plus they are stunningly handsome. Have I mentioned this?


    Please visit the Warwick Rowers online and purchase some goodies for yourself or your favorite friend - they will like you even more (if it’s possible). You’ll be supporting an amazing cause and keeping these boys inspired to strip down at least once a year...unless you are lucky enough to live in Warwick and can catch one rowing through the water. 

    For your social media enjoyment, follow them here :

    Warwick Rowers : Twitter and Instagram

    Laurence Hulse : Twitter and Instagram

    Sports Allies : Twitter and Facebook 

  • Model : Raihan Baqui


    *Image by AJ Riley Studio

    Name: Raihan Baqui

    Hometown: Houston, Texas

    Favorite Quote : "We are not held back by the love we did not receive in the past, but by the love we're not extending into the present."- Marianne Williamson

    Can you do a cartwheel or handstand?  Both! Love doing Handstands and can do an aerial, an acrobatic cartwheel with no hands.

    Beach or mountains? Why? Beach, because I just the soothing and calming environment it provides. I find it very relaxing and a meditative experience to sit beside the waves. 

    Most loved workout?  Calisthenics! Also Capoeira which infuses calisthenics in a form of Brazilian Fight Dancing. 

    Best date night movie?  Mr. & Mrs. Smith

    One place you haven’t been you are dying to go: São Paulo, Brazil 

    Bath or shower?  Shower 

    Song that makes you dance every time you hear it: Happy by Pharrel 

    Favorite food to eat on a holiday/cheat day: Turkey with stuffing and pumpkin pie!

    What are you currently working on (professional or personal) that you are passionate about? Myself. I am an actor professionally but have realized that if I am to play another character I must know myself completely and complete the inward journey to truly know who I am before I can take on the life of another. 

    Facebook: Raihan Baqui

    Instagram: Raihan_B

    Twitter: @RaihanBaqui