• Cocktail : The Hitchhiker


    It’s our tenth Whiskey and Walkers podcast and we are celebrating with a fun cocktail in honor of one of the fallen on The Walking Dead

    Remember Orange Backpack Guy that Rick and Michonne left by the side of the road in Season 3? No? Well, this one’s for him.

    The Hitchhiker Ingredients:

    Shot of Tangerine Vodka (why not infuse it yourself?)

    A half shot of cherry juice

    A half shot of orange juice

    A sprig of Rosemary or Thyme, lightly manipulated to make it more aromatic

    Ginger beer


    Add the first four ingredients to your shaker with ice and shake til nicely chilled

    Pour into a pretty martini glass or larger rocks glass with a couple ice cubes

    Top with ginger beer

    Garnish with a fresh sprig of Rosemary or Thyme and/or slice of Mandarin for a fun summertime feel.

    Poor Backpack Guy…cheers!

  • Cocktail : Ginger Zombarita


    This week we discussed this delicious take on a classic margarita on the Whiskey and Walkers podcast - it's so crisp and refreshing it's practically a health drink. I can see myself sitting on the patio with a salad detoxing while cocktailing - perfection.



    Triple Sec

    Fresh lime juice

    Fresh ginger juice


    Lemonade topper

    Makes two cocktails:

    Take your shaker and add ice, a shot of tequila, a shot of triple sec, a shot of lime juice, a shot of ginger juice (more or less depending on spicyness goals), and a squeeze of agave (sweeten to taste).

    Shake til chilled.

    Strain into two glasses with added ice and top with a bit of lemonade.


    --Wondering how to make fresh ginger juice? Throw a large (palm sized or larger) piece of ginger in the blender with a cup or two of water and blend into a pulp. Pour into a jar and strain off the liquid as needed. You can also simmer ginger in water ahead of time and let cool before a party. So many options!


  • Movie : Mad Max

    Dirty Tom Hardy.

    If we forget all the other super awesome badassness that is Mad Max, there is still a very good reason to see this film.

    Dirty Tom Hardy.

    It's ok, you can take a moment. 

    Shall we meet there for cocktails before and after? Great. Can't wait!

    Mad Max opens nationwide on May 15th - get your tickets!

  • Casey Ryan's Top Ten Favorite Things (Right Now)


    Photography: Josh Paul ThomasStylist: Taylor Brechtel

    Casey Ryan is an actor, model, writer and all around awesome guy. We asked him what his favorite things were, and he hooked us up with some awesome tips. 

    1. TV SHOW: 

    “Bloodline” on Netflix. I love character driven thrillers, and Kyle Chandler is one of my top 3 favorite actors of all time. My roommate and I have been craving a binge-worthy show since “House of Cards,” and this is definitely it.

    2. TUNES:

    Kygo. 23 year old DJ from Norway. I watched his whole set at Coachella and haven’t stopped listening to him since. Perfect vibes for spring and summer. Check out: “Cut Your Teeth,” “Firestone,” “ID,” and my personal favorites, his “Younger” and “I See Fire” remixes.

    3. COCKTAIL:

    I normally go for something neat and simple, not too sweet or syrupy, however, I recently had a guys’ dinner at Willie Jane on Abbot Kinney in Venice, and I very much enjoyed their Coal Miner’s Daughter, which is Bourbon, ginger, with a little lemon, honey, and lavender. It was crisp and refreshing.

    4. STYLE:

    Jeans: Levi’s, dark blue or black. Tee: Ralph Lauren or T-Shirt Warehouse, solid. Button-Down: short-sleeved vintage. Shoes: Chucks or John Varvatos desert boots. Jacket: dark denim J.Crew. And then anything my stylist buddy Taylor Brechtel recommends.


    VonZipper FCG collection- Mayfield. I have them in both green and brown. Dress them up, dress them down; they make me feel cool in anything. Also, FRENDS Headphones.

    Cabo San Lucas! My best bud and I are going for a wedding, and I am so amped as I love everything about Cabo. Beautiful weather, beautiful women. There is nothing like an authentic Mexican meal with a large margarita while your toes are in the sand at The Office, and then finishing the night dancing away at El Squid Roe.

    7. GIFT TO GIVE:

    My go-to gift to give for engagements, housewarmings, birthdays, etc. has been a hard cover coffee table book, usually in the realm of film, fashion, photography, travel, architecture, and/or design.


    I recently attended a ridiculously fun “Vintage Palm Springs” backyard pool party in celebration of the engagement of my close friends Richie and Courtney. The hosts went all out with décor, music, games, cocktails, and seated dinner.

    I am really digging a new spot in my hood called Ashland Hill. Ideal place to post up outside with a cold House Beer.

    There is a private collaborative creative space in New York City called NeueHouse. The design and aesthetic is genuinely cool, fresh, and ingenious. You can grab coffee or wine and meet in the library or conference rooms, as well as catch a screening by a local filmmaker, learn about the art in the gallery, or check out a live performance from all different styles of musicians. 

    Check out Casey on Instagram and Vimeo - tell him we said hi!