• Casey Ryan : Actor

    casey ryan 1

    How did you get involved in acting?

    It is all I have ever known. My mom told me that when I was a toddler and saw something on TV, I would point and shout “I want that!” She realized a bit later, rather than wanting what was on the television, I wanted to be inside the television. After a few years of forcing my siblings and cousins to perform for the family with me, I found an agency in one of my sister’s Teen Magazines and begged my parents to call for me, then begged them to drive me to auditions after school. I owe everything to them really!

    What has been your favorite training?

    I will be forever grateful for my undergrad experience at USC’s School of Dramatic Arts and School of Cinematic Arts. I then had the opportunity to extend this classical theatre education at Oxford University; both of these experiences were life-changing. However, I must say some of the most beneficial training I received was even back in children’s theatre. Most recently, I loved private coaching with Sara Mornell; she is brutally honest, and I love it. This past fall, I played a young J. Edgar Hoover as the antagonist in a historical drama that was put up in a black box theatre and ran for 8 weeks. There is nothing like live theatre. No matter what was going on in my life at that time, I would get on stage, and know that that is exactly where I am meant to be. It is in my blood; I cannot wait to do another show.

    Do you have a certain technique or method?

    You know… I have partaken in several different types of classes and coaching, but as an artist, a creative, and a dreamer, my favorite method of choice is creating a deep-rooted backstory for my characters. This way, the options are endless; you can let your imagination run wild, and the imagination is a very powerful tool.

    Do you have any pre-audition rituals?

    I have tried everything, and still working on it! Haha. I really have done it all: sleeping with my sides under my pillow, waking up on the other side of the bed, being extremely prepared, being not prepared at all, praying, meditating, drinking (I don’t recommend this). What I am working on now is having the mentality that I get to perform for someone. Whether it be the casting assistant or a room full of suits, I get to walk in that room that day and do what I love to do.

    Favorite recent roles in film and television?

    I have been really in to the anti-hero: Frank Underwood (“House of Cards”), Jordan Belfort (“The Wolf of Wall Street”), Walter White (“Breaking Bad”), Frank Abagnale Jr. (“Catch Me If You Can”). But one of my all-times would have to be Hud Bannon (“Hud”). 

    What is next for Casey Ryan?

    I am so stoked to be developing a pilot with my filmmaker buddy. We have been shooting around ideas for years, dying to do something. Then finally, something has stuck. And we are having so much fun running with it. Hopefully our next interview will be about that. 

    -- Be sure to follow Casey on Instagram to keep tabs on his mustache and Stamos sightings!

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  • Trolls Panel : JT and Alec

    trolls 2

    As I jumped in my car in the dark morning of the first day of Comic-Con, I was driven by the idea of seeing Justin Timberlake in the Trolls panel hosted by the adorable Chris Hardwick of Nerdist. My car sped toward San Diego, Can’t Stop the Feeling blasting from my speakers, and a smile on my face. 

    As I ran through the crowds of creepy Disney princess hybrids and alarmingly sweaty men in head to toe latex and foam crab claws, I wondered who the “surprise guest” would be at the Trolls panel. Maybe John Cleese? James Corden? Russel Brand? The anticipation was killing me, but I was not prepared for what awaited me. 

    boss baby 1

    Alec Baldwin. Yes, THE Alec Baldwin, a man I have loved since Jack Donaghy asked Liz Lemon one very important question :

    Can you believe it? I was so happy. 

    Alec was discussing his upcoming animated film Boss Baby (not due til March 2017, sorry).

    boss baby 2

    Then, as if the Trolls and Boss Baby panels weren’t spectacular enough, we were then invited to an intimate round table with both panels, and I honestly didn’t anticipate how hard I would geek out when Alec Baldwin answered a question looking directly into my eyes. I didn’t ask the question, but I was happy to listen to the answer while not actually listening at all. Eyes. Beautiful eyes. 

    Both Justin and Alec said lots of stuff about their movies and I’m sure it was enlightening and important, but I was so mesmerized by their perfectly coiffed heads of hair and charming smiles and heart pounding laughs…sorry, what was I saying?

    trolls 3

    Oh, movies, right! They both look awesome, and I will see them both for sure because I love the actors, I love animated films, and I am a sucker for catchy soundtrack tunes (see above).

    trolls 1

    Side note : Justin Timberlake has the most perfect man hands ever created. That is all. 

    trolls 4

    Then the panelists were gone, whisked away as quickly as they’d come, all that remained was the gleeful memories and a faint scent of someone’s expensive cologne dancing through my nostrils. 

    In a daze, I walked out of the conference room and into the lobby of The Hard Rock Hotel and was suddenly accosted by a terrifyingly realistic zombie that made me scream like a trapped wild animal. Frickin’ Walking Dead, those things were everywhere. Why couldn’t Andrew Lincoln jump out from behind a wall? Now THAT would have been awesome - take note, Walking Dead producers. I’m full of ideas. 

    Sorry, I digress. 

    Trolls hits theaters November 4th, but Boss Baby ain’t til next year, so you gotta wait on that one. Don’t be sad, it’ll be worth it. In the mean time, enjoy this clip from Trolls : 

    And this clip from 30 Rock :

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 

  • Welcome to Nerd HQ 2016

    This is our second year at Nerd HQ, and there are no words to describe how much we love it. Everyone is friendly, the venue is fantastic, and there are bars with cocktails. Win!

    For those of you who have never been, we thought we would give you a quick idea of how it works:

    1. You register online and pick up a sweet ass bracelet like this one so you can scan in and out :

    nerd hq 6

    2. You buy a Nerd Machine fanny pack, obviously :

    nerd hq 8

    3. You watch an amazing artist make zombies and robots from cereal :

    nerd hq 7

    4. You get into your panel and are greeted by the always gorgeous Zachary Levi :

    nerd hq 5

    Who introduces hilarious and charming guests :

    nerd hq 4

    You laugh and have fun :

    nerd hq 2

    You spend the rest of the day with a smile on your face :

    nerd hq 1

    You look forward to coming back!  

    nerd hq 3

    Yes, that's Nathan Fillion in a Batman onesie. Listen, if you aren't already planning to join us next year, you should. Seriously. Trust us. It's a fun time. Did we mention there are BARS?

  • Mr. Robot TONIGHT!

    mr robot 853

    I love Mr. Robot and if you don't watch it you should start right this very minute. This very second. 

    NOW! Go go go!

    Do whatever you need to do and watch all of it. 

    You are welcome. 

    Season 2 starts TONIGHT!

  • Dream Comic-Con Panel

    Next week is Comic-Con in San Diego, and as we plan our adventures we can't help but fantasize about all the amazing panels. Last year at Nerd HQ we got Josh Holloway, Rami Malek with Christian Slater, and the gorgeous cast of Once Upon a Time. OH, and most importantly, the super handsome and sexy Zachary Levi was hosting the entire event. 

    Sigh. We had the best time. 

    So if you could craft it, who would be on your perfect panel at Comic-Con? Let's explore some options...

    1. Andrew Lincoln - The Walking Dead - Featured Man of My Dreams

    comic con 2

    2. Henry Cavill - Batman v Superman (Superman Superman Superman YES)

    comic con 3

    3. Idris Elba - So many good things, also maybe the new James Bond? Also maybe my boyfriend?

    comic con 4

    4. Tom Hardy - The Revenant, Mad Max, often showering in my dreams...

    comic con 5

    5. Jeffrey Dean Morgan - The Walking Dead - The Sexiest Bad Guy EVER

    comic con 6

    6. The Cast of Hamilton...oh wait, well, hmmmm. Let's leave it in! They are smoking hot AND can sing. Meow.

    comic con 1

    We should probably spend this entire week thinking about this very important issue. Tweet us your dream Comic-Con man and let's keep the good times rolling!