• Pablo Neruda Meets Idris

    idris elba 2
    Perhaps not to be is to be without your being,
    without your going, that cuts noon light
    like a blue flower,without your passing
    later through fog and stones,
    without the torch you lift in your hand
    that others may not see as golden,
    that perhaps no one believed blossomed
    the glowing origin of the rose,
    without, in the end, your being, your coming
    suddenly, inspiringly, to know my life,
    blaze of the rose-tree, wheat of the breeze:
    and it follows that I am, because you are:
    it follows from ‘you are’, that I am, and we:
    and, because of love, you will, I will,
    We will, come to be. 
  • These 10 Men Will Make Your Sex Life Better Immediately

    Better than Lady Viagra : Do 2 shots of delicious whiskey, look at these 10 photos of gorgeous men, and watch your sex life improve immediately. It’s Monday! Let's give ourselves a little Manspiration, shall we? 


    10. Norman Reedus - the ladies love this dude. Not a day goes by when I don’t hear his name sashay from a woman’s lips along with a whistle and nondescript sexy dance.


    9. Michael Fassbender - even if you hadn’t seen his wang, you’d still want to hit that. That face screams, “I’m coming for you.” (no pun intended, wocka wocka)


    8. Andrew Lincoln - his lips make me lose my breath every time I see them. I would eat his face right off his head.


    7. Jason Momoa - Masculine, intimidating, sex in a little leather skirt. Don’t look at him too long, he may get you pregnant through the screen.


    6. Ryan Reynolds - I think he’s kind of murdery in whatever movie this is, but I’d risk it to touch those abs.


    5. Joe Manganiello - You have seen him totally naked on True Blood; the dude could sling you over one shoulder and have you in bed before you even knew what hit you.


    4. Kit Harington - Under all those furs and layers is a body that won’t quit and eyes that will make your panties melt right off.  


    3. Jamie Dornan - He’s frickin’ Christian Grey, are you kidding me?


    2. Andrew Lincoln - oh wait, did I do him already? (hee hee) Doesn’t matter. I had the single filthiest dream of my life about this man, and I wish the same for you. Enjoy.


    1. Henry Cavill - carved from stone by baby angels, this mans face could get me to do anything. ANYTHING. Good thing he’s a sweet guy, otherwise he could probably take over the entire world by controlling every woman on earth with his jawline and twinkling eyes.


    Quick! Run into the bedroom, grab your man and have at it. Or have at yourself, we don't judge. Use those endorphins to kick off the best week of sex you have had in years. The best thing about this technique? You can shower sensually and repeat as often as desired. Happy Monday! 

  • Chris Hemsworth Bakes a Cake!

    chris cake 3

    You guys - Chris Hemsworth is super hot and baked his kid a dinosaur cake for her birthday. Is there anything hotter? Nope. But just in case, we have included a photo of him below, shirtless and wet to make you smile. Or warm. Whatever works.

    chris cake 800

    Happy Monday!

    chris cake 2

  • I Had a Dave Grohl Dream

    dave grohl 700

    My friend, Sarah, was telling me about how she’d gotten a job assisting Dave Grohl with an event, and how she simply did not have the time for it. 

    I had a hard time believing she wasn’t super pumped, not just about working with Dave (who is apparently a super nice guy), but to help the charity the event was supporting. I don’t remember what the charity was because this was a dream and clearly not the focus of my first time Dave Grohl fantasy. Sorry, charities the Foo Fighters support, I was apparently being a bad listener during that part of the story. 

    “I’ll do it,” I interjected. “I’d love to work with him, and I have the next few weeks free…” I casually dropped while silently freaking out (in the dream) because apparently I have been nursing a hefty desire to be friends with Dave Grohl for many years. Who knew?

    Sarah was super relieved and in a dream montage of some sort (I wonder if the song was Everlong) I met Dave, we laughed and ate ice cream, and did some activity which involved motorcycles and possibly a roadside tiki bar that may or may not have been on the beach in Hawaii. Apparently Dave and I were really hitting it off and this event was going to be off the chain (if that is still a saying).

    On the night of the big event there were hundreds of people in various degrees of fancy and fashionable, and Dave and I gave each other the thumbs up through herds of humans drinking bright pink champagne. It was a success! We had really done, well, IT. You know, whatever the heck we were there to do. Hurray US!

    As we walked through the venue, putting chairs on tables like we were in kindergarten, we laughed and chatted about how great it all was. I don’t actually remember what we said because, well, I was asleep.

    Then I walked Dave to his 1990’s Black Jeep Cherokee (probably not what he actually drives) and got into the passenger seat so he could drive me to my car, I’m guessing. Before I knew it we were making out and just as I was starting to say, “Dave, I’m, well, you're…” flashbulbs were popping. Oh no! Paparazzi! 

    I ducked and covered my face and he stepped out to talk kindly with them and ask them to go away. As they retreated, he peeked into the car and said “Don’t worry, they don’t know who you are and these photos are unusable.”

    “Yes I do know! Her name is on the program as a producer!” he ran away, I’m assuming he knew I was going to kick his ass if I caught him.  

    Dave sat down in the driver’s seat. “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, you just look so beautiful tonight.” Swoon. 


    Ugh, time to get up. 

    Laters, Dave, it’s been real. Can we hang out in real life, please? I hate to admit it, but I’ve really missed you all day. Let’s grab a Mai Tai, K?  

  • Manspiration : 3.30.16

    3.30.16 800

    Today I sat on hold with the cable company for over 2 hours trying to resolve a stupid error on their part that caused them to shut down the internet at the office. As we all know, it's impossible to read articles about Henry Cavill with no internets so this was a major problem. Through the magic of smartphones I was able to surf away and found some gems worthy of sharing. 

    1. The above photo of Tom Hardy will actually make your life better.

    2. Genius @Lido worked Kanye's Life of Pablo album into 8 minutes and it's fantastic : http://lifeofpeder.com/

    3. I want to watch The Lost Boys again - so much hotness. So many mullets! LOVE.

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