• Charming Gentleman: Idris Elba

    idris 3

    You are probably aware of the whole James Bond thing that happened where a writer in the series said Idris was "too street" to play Bond.

    1. We disagree.

    2. No matter what side of this you stand on, you have to admit he's super hot.

    3. If you don't know who he is, or how amazing his handsomeness is, here are some images to meditate on. Feel free to take as much time as you need and let us know what you decide (we already know).

    idris 2

    idris 1

    idris 4

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  • Actor : Patrick McIntyre


    Name : Patrick McIntyre

    Hometown : Denver, Colorado

    Favorite Quote : "This guy isn't half F-ing bad." - a former employer to someone about me.

    Can you do a cartwheel or handstand? Handstands all the way.

    Beach or mountains? Why? Mountains. While growing up, my family went camping often in the mountains. Mountains can provide such breathtaking views and remind you of how powerful nature can be.

    Most loved workout? Even though I'm not the best, I love playing competitive soccer.

    Best date night movie? A fun date night movie for me is a Nic Cage movie, it's so bad, it's good.

    One place you haven’t been you are dying to go: I'm looking forward to visiting Zion National Park someday.

    Bath or shower? Shower. There's not enough water in California for a bath. Also, my bathtub sucks.

    Song that makes you dance every time you hear it: I'm not ashamed to admit that there are some Bieber songs that make me want to dance whenever I hear them.

    Favorite food to eat on a holiday/cheat day: I would gladly cheat on my diet with a good Gyro or some sour cream apple pie for a sweet treat.

    What are you currently working on (professional or personal) that you are passionate about? I'm currently hosting an automotive show called "The List." It's a bucket list of must do car things, and the show has taken me all over the US and overseas. It's one of the most fun jobs I've ever had.

    Want to know more about Patrick? Follow him on Instagram and keep on top of him! Well, so to speak...


  • One Direction is Splitting Up?


    Boy bands break up, it's just the way it goes. Apparently the band hasn't confirmed this as a "break up" but merely some "time off." 

    I think we can all read between the lines.

    Super hot Zayn left, sniff sniff...


    ...and I would guess Harry Styles is about 6 months away from a chart topping solo album. 


    So what will the remaining 3 do? Who knows, but hopefully it involves some insane work out regimine and an action adventure movie with surfing and MMA fighting in the rain? Only time will tell.