• Welcome to Nerd HQ 2016

    This is our second year at Nerd HQ, and there are no words to describe how much we love it. Everyone is friendly, the venue is fantastic, and there are bars with cocktails. Win!

    For those of you who have never been, we thought we would give you a quick idea of how it works:

    1. You register online and pick up a sweet ass bracelet like this one so you can scan in and out :

    nerd hq 6

    2. You buy a Nerd Machine fanny pack, obviously :

    nerd hq 8

    3. You watch an amazing artist make zombies and robots from cereal :

    nerd hq 7

    4. You get into your panel and are greeted by the always gorgeous Zachary Levi :

    nerd hq 5

    Who introduces hilarious and charming guests :

    nerd hq 4

    You laugh and have fun :

    nerd hq 2

    You spend the rest of the day with a smile on your face :

    nerd hq 1

    You look forward to coming back!  

    nerd hq 3

    Yes, that's Nathan Fillion in a Batman onesie. Listen, if you aren't already planning to join us next year, you should. Seriously. Trust us. It's a fun time. Did we mention there are BARS?

  • Mr. Robot TONIGHT!

    mr robot 853

    I love Mr. Robot and if you don't watch it you should start right this very minute. This very second. 

    NOW! Go go go!

    Do whatever you need to do and watch all of it. 

    You are welcome. 

    Season 2 starts TONIGHT!

  • Dream Comic-Con Panel

    Next week is Comic-Con in San Diego, and as we plan our adventures we can't help but fantasize about all the amazing panels. Last year at Nerd HQ we got Josh Holloway, Rami Malek with Christian Slater, and the gorgeous cast of Once Upon a Time. OH, and most importantly, the super handsome and sexy Zachary Levi was hosting the entire event. 

    Sigh. We had the best time. 

    So if you could craft it, who would be on your perfect panel at Comic-Con? Let's explore some options...

    1. Andrew Lincoln - The Walking Dead - Featured Man of My Dreams

    comic con 2

    2. Henry Cavill - Batman v Superman (Superman Superman Superman YES)

    comic con 3

    3. Idris Elba - So many good things, also maybe the new James Bond? Also maybe my boyfriend?

    comic con 4

    4. Tom Hardy - The Revenant, Mad Max, often showering in my dreams...

    comic con 5

    5. Jeffrey Dean Morgan - The Walking Dead - The Sexiest Bad Guy EVER

    comic con 6

    6. The Cast of Hamilton...oh wait, well, hmmmm. Let's leave it in! They are smoking hot AND can sing. Meow.

    comic con 1

    We should probably spend this entire week thinking about this very important issue. Tweet us your dream Comic-Con man and let's keep the good times rolling!

  • Welcome to the MANsion

    joe manganiello shirtless 1momsla

    As I lay on a lounge chair near the beach recently, I found myself fantasizing about an indulgent life of leisure--a gorgeous oceanside mansion, days filled with manicures and lady lunches, and the perfect staff catering to my every whim.

    We all have a top 5 hunks list, but have you thought about who would fit into your new overly decadent palace life? I have. Here are my top 5 staff hires for the new digs (yes you can come over anytime):


    The Butler : George Clooney

    The main criteria for this job are to look gorgeous in a tuxedo, have a face so handsome it will intimidate even the most glamorous visitors, and a smile that will accompany “as you wish” perfectly. The idea of Butler Clooney drawing a bubble bath and washing my back while I sip billion dollar champagne is enough to make me want to clean the bathtub. Luckily I don’t have to, I have men for that.


    The Chef : Idris Elba

    I don’t know if he can cook, but it doesn’t really matter. When you are revoltingly rich there isn’t much food involved because you have to stay sample size so you can wear a bikini or tube dress everywhere you go. This is what I learned while watching E News, so it must be true. Apparently you just drink fresh pressed juices, smoothies, and fancy signature cocktails. I already have a Vitamix, and the idea of Chef Idris squeezing limes with his powerful hands into a mojito and delivering it to me in an apron makes me thirsty. VERY thirsty.


    The Pool Boy : William Levy

    While I’m laying by my crystal clear infinity pool sipping my kale juice, I’ll need something to distract me from my hunger and keep me out of the bathtub. Pool Boy William, in his cute little hipster 80’s surf shorts could probably do that. Once the pool is clean and the jacuzzi is the perfect temperature, he could entertain me by standing there looking hot or lounging on a float getting a tan. Wow, I need another juice. Is it hot in here?

    Joe Manganiello 600

    The Gardener : Joe Manganiello

    As we all know, grass and leaves are a major issue when it comes to keeping your pool sparkly and pristine. Enter Gardner Joe in low rise jeans with a push mower, gloves, and hopefully a pair of those giant gardening shears that add a little edge of danger. Poor guy will be sweaty and a little dirty and may need a sip of my beverage and possibly a shower when he’s done. Luckily the pool boy just cleaned the outdoor rain shower, and I have perched my chair about 4 feet away.  Aren’t you supposed to shower before you hop in the pool? I may have to rinse of quickly while he showers, you know, to save water and such. I love planet earth.


    The Personal Assistant/Personal Trainer/Mr. Everything Else : Hugh Jackman

    The accent, the face, the body, the...dear lord, I need a cocktail. “Butler Clooney, can you please ring Chef Idris and ask him for a mojito? Maybe he could also fire up the grill and make some organic veggies? Then can you bring down my salt scrub and exfoliate my legs so I can head into the pool for my water aerobics session with PT Hugh? Thanks darling, don’t forget to have the gardner scrub down the mower in a slow motion montage when he’s done clipping the roses. Oh, and the Pool Boy needs a fresh coat of  tanning oil on his shoulders.”

    My life rules. Care to join me for post dinner jacuzzi while the boys play beach volleyball in Speedos? Fabulous. See you at 6.


  • Game of Thrones : Heartbreak

    daario 1

    First of all, can you believe that Game of Thrones finale? Man! OK, back to the business at hand...

    daario 5

    I understand, a woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do, but isn't there a suitcase you could stash this one in? I mean, sure, he's not king material...but JESUS he's hot. If I hadn't been so upset about a million other things happening simultaneously in this episode, I may have cried at the idea of losing those eyes. Lips. Hair. Shoulders.

    daario 6

    I need some water. 

    As a tribute to the possibility we may never see our darling Daario ever again, please enjoy these photos of the beautiful actor Michiel Huisman being super foxy. I hope this helps you recover from last night.

    daario 4

    daario 2

    daario 3