• Actor : Casey Ryan


    Images by Sonny Tong

    Name: Casey Ryan

    Hometown: Newport Beach, CA

    Favorite Quote (today): "You're only in your twenties for 10 years."

    Can you do a cartwheel or handstand? Both!

    Beach or mountains? Why? Definitely the beach. I grew up in a small beach town, and there is nothing like hopping on a bike with your friends or family and cruising the boardwalk on a long summer day. Jumping in the ocean is the cure for many things.

    Most loved workout? Yoga Sculpt. I love the intention of traditional yoga mixed with weights and upbeat music.

    Best date night movie? TV show, actually. "Friday Night Lights." Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

    One place you haven’t been you are dying to go: Greece. It looks awesome, and I am Greek.

    Bath or shower? Shower, for sure.

    Song that makes you dance every time you hear it: I am listening to music all day, every day. And I am usually dancing to it.

    Favorite food to eat on a holiday/cheat day: In-N-Out Double Double, fries, with a House Beer.

    What are you currently working on (professional or personal) that you are passionate about? I am constantly working on projects with my buddies at Hunt House Pictures; we are currently working on developing a pilot. I am also looking for a new class that I am passionate about, as well as a live theatre production. Philanthropically, I sit on the board of the Young Professionals Council supporting the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Check it out for upcoming fundraiser events at www.ypcla.org.


    Images by Sonny Tong

    Want to know more about Casey? Follow him on Instagram, watch him on Vimeo, and check out his appearances on IMDB. Enjoy!


    Images by Sonny Tong

  • Video : Dark 'N' Broody


    Last week Drinks Tube posted an insanely yummy recipe for ginger beer by Donal Skehan and we immediately knew we needed to make it into a cocktail. From the essence of a Dark 'n' Stormy comes the Dark 'n' Broody!

    MAGIC INGREDIENT = 3 oz. of Donal's Ginger Beer. Watch the video!

    2 whole limes worth of wedges

    1 oz. dark rum

    1 oz. coconut rum

    coconut water to taste 

    bubbly water to top

    Here's our cocktail video:

    Mix it all up and get your handsome neighbor to BBQ you something to go with it. Knock on his door with two cocktails and say "I can't possibly drink BOTH of these!"


    Here's Donal's vid - could be be cuter?

  • Weekend Cocktail Roundup : Utah Style


    On a 48 hour whirlwind trip to Utah this weekend I learned three things :

    1. You can only buy alcohol at a state approved liquor store (they close at 6pm BTW).

    2. When you hotel does NOT have bottle openers, you can still prevail.

    3. The airport has wine (yes!) and you can drink it when your plane decides it never wants to come. Ever.

    I landed in Salt Lake on Friday morning at 9am, after arising at the lovely hour of 5am and thankfully making it to my flight. When I turned my phone on, I had a text from my cousin:

    “Please stop at the liquor store and buy vodka.”

    “I’ll stop at Trader Joe’s,” I replied, “I need a few things for the weekend.”

    “They don’t sell alcohol. You have to go to a state approved liquor store.”

    WHAT? I was blown away yet really not that surprised all at the same time.

    I was off for a weekend with my cousins in rural Utah and these trips were always an adventure, as you can see from my latest Facebook profile pic and Instagram post:


    Once I had secured the booze (despite being stared at like a felon by all the kids walking up the street to Comic Con) I was on my way in my bright white Chevy rental car.

    “Don’t forget to stop for coffee if you want any,” the next text read. I was thankful because, yes, I had forgotten that Mormons also don’t drink warm tannins. I located a Starbucks and returned to the freeway, soy latte in hand and Van Halen on the radio.

    That evening my heathen cousin and I snuck into our 95 year old grandmother’s room where we had hidden the vodka, and made cocktails with some type of cranberry beverage containing no actual cranberries. Grandma would approve, by the way, so don’t give me that look. 

    As my cousin and I navigated dinner and tried not to breathe directly onto anyone, I think the fact that we NEVER set our beverages down was a bit of a tip off. 

    A few hours later the two of us were back in our motel, fresh from the hot dog water known as the jacuzzi when we were surprised by another cousin with some gluten free Omission beer. This was a true shock and I was thrilled at the idea of drinking beer while watching 19 and Counting and shouting at the television. I’m a classy gal. 

    The guy at the front desk LAUGHED at us when we asked for a bottle opener. That didn’t stop us...

    *Side note : I am in full support of gay marriage. That is all.*

    The weekend of shenanigans was wrapped up in a nice little package when my flight was continually delayed over and over again and I thought I may cry but thank goodness there was a bar with wine and hippies to talk to me about grilled artichokes and some sports match on TV.  Whew. 

    See you later, Utah. I’ll just bring a flask next time. 

  • Model : Ryan Larson


    Photos by AJ Riley Studio

    Name: Ryan Larson

    Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

    Favorite Quote: "What is there but a dream? You can't trade in your dream for another dream.  Dream big and dream fierce."    -Viola Davis 

    Can you do a cartwheel or handstand? Both. Shocking, right? There was a girl in the 2nd grade with strawberry blonde hair that I was particularly fond of who was a gymnast. Somehow I never forgot what she taught me. Or her, for that matter.

    Beach or mountains? Why? Why not both. I love that living in LA, I can climb a mountain and see the beach from the top. Puts everything into perspective. Or I can climb a mountain on the beach. Malibu- escondido falls, anyone?

    Most loved workout? Easy. Anything outdoors. Gyms are for meatheads.

    Best date night movie? Ghost. It's pretty much the most romantic film ever made. Like ever. 

    One place you haven’t been you are dying to go: Venice. I mean.. c'mon. Can't beat Venice. Gondolas, Italian food, canals. 

    Bath or shower? Shower. Quick in, quick out. Unless...yeah, shower. Besides, two people rarely fit in a bathtub. 

    Song that makes you dance every time you hear it: Is there music playing? Then I'm dancing. Care to join me?


    Favorite food to eat on a holiday/cheat day: Mmm... Mom's pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Good old fashioned, home cooking.

    What are you currently working on (professional or personal) that you are passionate about? Professional, I'm building a career as an actor. Personal, I'm building a life, hoping to grow and inspire someone every day. 


    Photos by AJ Riley Studio

    Connect with Ryan on Twitter and Instagram - he'd love to hear from you!

  • Giveaway : Autographed Make Up by One Direction

    I'll admit it - I saw the One Direction movie in the theatre, before anyone else. I was offered tickets to a screening and jumped at the chance. Thinking it would be terrible and embarrassing (but delightfully indulgent), I was pleasantly surprised at what a fabulous time I had, and enjoyed listening to all the teenage girls scream through the entire film. Brilliant. By the end I had a genuine affection for these boys, as well as a healthy appreciation for their collective handsomeness.
    Although I wouldn't have seen One Direction venturing into the make up realm, the generous folks at Markwins Beauty are giving us an AUTOGRAPHED set of the cosmetics for one lucky reader! What better way to learn about the boys then by using their mascara! Wait, I mean...
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