• Shoot + Cocktails : Greenleaf Chop Shop


    *This is the owner Jonathan - he's delightful and breathtakingly handsome. 

    So my partner in crime, Sarah, and I did a fabulous video shoot at Greenleaf Chop Shop in Hollywood this week and it would be a stretch to call it WORK. 

    The location is comfortable and well thought out and filled with succulents and wood and smiling people. Everything on the menu looks delicious, but honestly I was too busy drinking to truly enjoy the food (I know, I know, but I'm being honest). I did have a bite of an amazing taco but soon forgot about it and someone else ate it. That someone also said his turkey sandwich was the best he'd ever eaten SO...

    If I lived anywhere near Hollywood I would be at Greenleaf constantly, and may plan adventures out that way so I have an excuse to stop by. In the meantime, I'll just be here fantasizing about the cocktails. Let meet them, shall we?


    The Brown Derby : Bourbon and smoked rosemary; it was love at first sight. I only wish I had taken a photo before I drank half of it. I couldn't stop myself!


    Mexican Mule : Why yes, they do make their own ginger beer! It's sensational and perfect. I put this one down and someone drank it. Lesson learned.


    Get Tossed Antioxidant Punch : I drank it like a $15 cold pressed juice and felt strong. 


    Pretty Woah-Man : This guy packs a punch, much like Julia Roberts in that one movie...what was it called? Anyhooooo this one cleared my sinuses and gave me the, uh, rosy cheeks you'll see in the video we made. 

    Don't be sad if you don't live near Greenleaf, just head to your local craft cocktail bar and ask the handsome man behind the counter to make you something special - you deserve it. CHEERS!

  • Cocktail : Whiskey and Walkers 1

    If you listened to the Whiskey and Walkers podcast (or even if you didn't) here are the two whiskey cocktails we were sipping while recording. They were both absolutely delicious, and I could easily drink them all the time. Not that I would. Well, you know what I mean...


    First, The Bombegranate:

    Take your cocktail shaker and add the juice of one lime, a shot of Cherry Bomb whiskey, and a few drops of Hibiscus concentrate


    Fill your glass 2/3 with ice

    Pour contents of shaker over ice

    Top with sparkling pomegranate juice

    Garnish with sliced lime


    Secondly, The Ginger Bomb a.k.a. The Abraham (for Walking Dead nerds like us):

    Take your shaker and add the juice of one lime and a shot of Cherry Bomb


    Fill your glass 2/3 full of ice

    Pour contents of shaker over ice

    Top with Ginger Ale

    Drip a few drops (or more if you like it) of Blure Flower Extract and watch the blue turn to pink as it blends with the lime juice. It's a fun effect and makes the drink a little more vibrant without use of artificial colors.


    If you haven't heard the Whiskey and Walkers podcast, give it a listen and TWEET us questions or suggestions! Enjoy the cocktails!

  • Hot Dads : Who's Your Favorite?

    I asked my Facebook friends who their favorite hot dads are, and after sifting through the sarcasm and nominations for my husband, here are the winners!


    Jack Black


    David Duchovny


    Tom Brady


    Josh Duhamel


    Colin Ferrel


    Chris Pratt


    Ryan Gosling


    David Beckham


    Matt Damon


    Brad Pitt

    Agree? Disagree? Who's YOUR favorite? Tweet us

  • Cocktail : St. Patrick's Day Toddy


    Hurray, cough cough, it's St. Patrick's Day! I have been formulating fun cocktails for weeks, and when it came down to having one last night, I was craving something warm and gingery...

    This is spicy and will make your stuffed nose and sore throat feel great. I mean, it's a fabulous drink for when you are partying your socks off or whatever. Sniff sniff.


    Thumb sized piece of ginger

    Juice of one lime

    Pinch or two of fresh or frozen kale

    Simple syrup (or limeade)

    1/2 shot whiskey (or more if you like)

    1/2 shot triple sec/orange liqueur

    Hot water


    Peel the ginger and slice a long thin slice off for later

    Throw the remaining ginger, lime juice, syrup and kale into the blender with a couple tablespoons of warm water and blend until liquified

    Pour into a mug - if you are fussy about pulp of any kind you can pour through a sieve, but I like maximum ginger ingestion.

    Add whiskey and triple sec

    Fill with hot water


    Garnish with a lime slice and the slice of ginger 

    Sip and smile knowing you are getting healthier with each drop of goodness.

    Happy St. Patty's Day, y'all! Be safe and NO DRIVING please.