• Trend : You Are Perfect


    We all deserve to be reminded that nothing is perfect, therefore we are ALL perfect.

    Be accepting, be loving, be awesome. 

    Now those are resolutions we can all keep. 

    Let's start a trend - take a photo of yourself with #youareperfect and we'll retweet each and every one of them. Start the year off on the right foot! Or just watch this video and remember how HOT Andrew Lincoln is. My goodness...

  • Christmas Withdrawal - Cocktails Help


    I realize Christmas was only a few short days ago, but as I stand at my desk on a very average work day, I long for the holiday rituals of last week...

    Sleeping in? I was up at 5:30 today doing push ups in a freezing gym.

    Boozy lunches? No chance. 

    Family and movies and cookies and mashed potatoes? All gone. 

    Naps? I mean, come on...

    So in an effort to give us each a little holiday spirit and an excuse to watch a shirtless man make a cocktail, I give you this little gift.

    You're welcome.

  • Model : Ernest Gromov II

    ernest watermark

    photos courtesy of Joe McCormick

    Name: Ernest Gromov

    Hometown: Saint-Petersburg, Russia (Based: London, UK)

    Favorite Quote - “If you want to be a champion you got to live like a champion” -  LL Cool J

    Can you do cartwheel or handstand? - I can do a version of a cartwheel and handstand push-ups.

    Beach or mountains? Why? - Beach! Because I love the sun, the ocean/sea, beach, hot weather, girls in bikinis, guys in swim shorts, everybody cheerful and upbeat... Whereas when we are talking about the mountains it is, probably, cold and lonely, and if there are trees and bushed, then there are probably insects and all sorts... Not for me... I'm a beach kind of guy.

    Most loved workout - Chest... or Shoulders... or Back... or Arms... Legs is the hardest one :/

    Best date night movie - Any film with Channing Tatum

    One place you haven't been but dying to go to - Ghana... Jamaica... Florida... Serbia... Bulgaria... and many more :)

    Bath or shower? - Shower in the morning or after a workout to (re-)energize for the day. Bath in the evening to relax.

    Song that makes you dance every time you hear it - ODG Fuse 'MIllion Dollar GIrl' or pretty much any Afrobeats track... Anything by Sean Paul - his music carries so much good positive energy... Old school hip-hop... Russian folk (me being Russian and all) :) and many more... I love dancing :)

    Favorite food to eat on holiday/cheat day - Pelmeni with smetana (Russian beef dumplings with thick sour cream) and black pepper... Or anything interesting that I haven't tried before... Or maybe Mexican, American, South American, West African, Indian, Arabic, Chinese... All depends on what's available and what I feel like having :)

    What are you currently working on (personal/professional) that you are very passionate about - My acting career. I am in the process of making a transition from modeling into acting and I am very serious and passionate about this. I completed my acting training about a year ago and spent the last year doing various independent films, as well as getting a couple of small parts on British TV shows and playing young George W Bush at a theater in central London earlier this year. Got my show reel done, got signed, just did a couple of days playing a small walk-on part in a new comedy show with a Hollywood A-lister... Constant progress but still a my humble beginnings... Got to stay focused and work hard.

    ernest watermark 2

    photos courtesy of Joe McCormick

    Check out Ernest's Showreel on YouTube :

  • New Star Wars Trailer - HOT

    Although the new Star Wars trailer doesn’t tell us much, this is what we do know :

    1. The cute storm trooper guy in the beginning is really scared. Oh and by the way - there are HUMANS inside those??? Dude, somehow I totally forgot that.

    2. The guy flying the plane looks like he has a rugged “let’s get down to business” attitude. Probably there is some sort of war or something and maybe that’s why that other dude was freaked out. We like a decisive risk taker - it’s super hot and we hope he’s at the weird alien bar later so we can scope him out.

    3. Scary Cape Wearing Bad Guy gives me butterflies, and the idea that Hotty McHottenstein Adam Driver may be the lumbering sex pot in that cape makes me want to jump up and down with excitement. Or take a cold shower. Or Google image after image of him and immediately go to sleep with hopes of bare shoulders and jacuzzis. 

    Gotta go.


    P.S. Now I remember this and it all makes sense - somehow at the time I didn’t register they were humans. I know, I know, but cut me some slack I was 8. 


  • Ludlows Lad : Winner Photos


    I recently told a friend we’d chosen a winner for the Ludlows Lad competition and had a super fun party filled with Jelly Shots and handsome men.

    “Who’s the guy who won?” she asked.

    I flashed a photo of the adorable Miguel Guillermo Medina and I wish I had taken a snapshot of her face. 

    “He’s GORGEOUS.” she said. “Will he be at ALL your parties?”

    We certainly hope so.


    As if it wasn’t awesome enough to have him as our winner, Miguel just happened to WIN the Team division of the Toughest Mudder Championship only days before the party. 24 hours of intense obstacle running? Beastly. Believe it or not he was on crutches for the party, but still managed to flash that charming smile for bucketloads of photos like a champ. 


    Missed the party? Don’t be sad. Miguel will be starring in some fabulous Daily Hot Guy photo and video shoots in the near future, and those you can watch again and again...

    In the meantime, be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram. Consider it a Pre-Holiday gift to yourself.