• Fifty Shades Trailer + Jamie Dornan


    I read the books, I will see the movie.

    Jamie Dornan is the embodiment of sex in this trailer and I would pay good money to have him slam me against an elevator wall. 

    That is all there is to say.

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  • Model : Logan McPeak


    Name : Logan William McPeak

    Hometown : Aliso Viejo, CA

    Favorite quote : "Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions." - Dalai Lama

    Can you do a handstand or cartwheel? I can do a cartwheel and a handstand. I used to be a diver. 

    Beach or mountains? Beach because swimming in the ocean helps me refocus and recharge.

    Most loved workout : I love to swim, its low impact and just a great total body workout. And I love being outside. 

    Best date night movie? Paris, Je T’aime 

    One place you haven’t been you are dying to go : I am dying to go to New Zealand.

    Bath or shower? Bath

    Song that makes you dance every time you hear it? Twist and Shout by the Beatles

    Favorite food to eat on a holiday/cheat day? Pad Thai

    What are you currently working on (professionally or personally) that you are passionate about? I am passionate about returning to my Latin roots and becoming fluent in Spanish. I am also working on developing a web series that will explore ethnic ambiguity and the breaking of stereotypes associated with race and ethnicity. 

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  • Weekend Cocktail Roundup


    *This is not the bartender at Church and State, but I like his abs so...

    This weekend I learned two things :

    1. When you drink a large glass of red wine along a shot of delicious and gorgeous Few Rye after not eating any dinner, you WILL fall asleep sitting up at 9pm while watching your friends play Xbox.

    2. Downtown LA in the summertime is super fun.

    We won’t discuss Friday, but I will say I LOVED the rye and I love Sharpies


    *I probably should have a clearer shot of the cocktail ingredients, but...

    Saturday night I met some friends in Downtown LA at Church and State for an early bird special dinner - the place is crazy packed and our 5:30 reservation was perfect for my elderly sleep schedule. After chatting with our delightfully helpful waitress, I ordered a “Sweet Corn Named Desire” while my friend ordered the super yummy drink special (we immediately forgot the name and all of the ingredients when the bowl of olives arrived). 


    After we sipped down our first beverages and I watched my friends consume what appeared to be a gorgeous pot of goat cheese with honey and lavender (dairy is not my friend), I selected the “Handerbucky” for my second cocktail. I felt really good about this choice because not only was it delicious, but fruit and cayenne are good for you so I could rest assured I was being health conscious. 


    Everyone ate something different and all of it was good. I wanted a third drink but decided that I needed to be able to walk and it was, after all, only 7:15pm. 

    When we arrived in Chinatown there was a great band playing, booths of wares to purchase (I picked up a couple robot prints), and a bar where we grabbed Whiskey Gingers for $4. Boom. 


    After dancing for awhile by myself on a tiny dance floor in the middle of people eating Chinese food, we headed home. A Nerdist podcast and two episodes of Drunk History later, I called it a night and dreamt of recreating the “Handerbucky” - maybe next weekend I’ll attempt it. If only the Drinks Tube boys were here to help me...

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  • 4th of July : Cocktail Recap


    When I plan on getting together with my brother and sister in law, the first thing we do is start brainstorming our signature cocktails. Often the ideas begin weeks in advance, and necessitate their own Pinterest board. If a get together is spontaneous, or we are all focusing on silly things like work instead, beverages are rocked on the fly based on what is in the fridge.

    For the 4th of July this past weekend, my sister in law and I kicked it off with Simone’s Sangria Latina from Drinks Tube :

    Phase two of this cocktail came when we drained the pitcher and discovered we had quite a bit of delicious booze soaked watermelon left. Now, being environmental and all, we can’t even imagine letting this go to waste, so we popped it in the blender with some fresh squeezed lemonade and a little more Bacardirum. Voilà! It’s a delicious and refreshing watermelon smoothie. I mean, it’s practically like juice cleansing, so you can feel good about it as a healthy lunch option (as long as you don’t need to drive anywhere or stay awake).

    Once our smoothies were gone (we must have lost them somewhere) we moved on to what my brother in law called a Mexican Hipster. The problem with this drink choice (aside from the name) is that he claimed he “totally remembered” the recipe, yet didn’t quite. What started out a spicy whiskey drink somehow evolved into a very spicy jalapeño Long Island Iced Tea with white wine in it. I wish I could take you on the complete journey, but between 3 of us constantly adding a little of this and a little of that to the same glass over the course of several hours, I don’t think any of us quite know what was in there. 

    Next came an incredibly refreshing spa beverage created by my sister in law - muddled cucumber, lime juice, vodka, sparkly water and white wine (you can’t let an open bottle go to waste). At some point my brother in law added slices of jalapeño to mine (bit of a theme), and this sent me over the moon backwards. This cocktail carried us through the evening until we eventually got lazy and drank Omission beer while roasting marshmallows over a fire pit (totally safe, healthy and carcinogen free). 

    The lesson in all this? Don’t be afraid to screw stuff up - just keep drinking! (not sure this is the most responsible lesson, but you get the idea)

    Maybe if you are lucky (and if we can ever remember) we will make a Drinks Tube video of our own - “How to Throw Together Signature Cocktails While Chasing Your Nieces and Making Guacamole.” It’ll be a huge hit, I’m sure.