• CONTEST : First Ever Ludlows Lad


    It's contest time, and this is a good one.

    Ludlows Jelly Shots and Daily Hot Guy are teaming up to hunt down the first ever Ludlows Lad. 

    How does a man consume a Jelly Shot? One shot? With a spoon? Be creative. 

    Here's how to enter:

    Take a photo or video of yourself consuming a Ludlows Jelly Shot

    If you can't find them near you, be creative. 

    Tweet or Instagram and tag @dailyhotguy and @ludlowsofficial, or email directly to us at marykay@dailyhotguy.com

    Contest is quick and dirty - you have until midnight on Halloween to enter.

    Enter as many times as you like and tell your friends!

    GO! What are you waiting for?

    The winner will appear in photos and videos promoting the brand, and will be thrown a PARTY in Los Angeles! 

    You will be responsible for getting yourself here, so you may want to be local to enter.

    That said - send us your shots from anywhere and everywhere and we will share them in social media! 

    We can't wait to see what you come up with. 

  • Walking Dead : Rick

    It's almost Rick time.
    That's all I can manage to say on the topic without drooling or smiling like Crazy Eyes
    I think I watched this little video 20 times. It's true, I have serious issues, but COME ON.
    The Walking Dead returns October 12. Now you know where I'll be if you want to ask me to borrow something while I'm totally preoccupied. 
  • Cocktail : It's Oktoberfest!


    It's Oktoberfest time! Well, technically I think the real one is over, BUT here in the USA we like to stretch things out and maximize opportunities for boozing. Go 'Murica!

    We love beer, but if you can't indulge in it the way you wish you could, or if you have friends who don't drink beer, this cocktail is a fun way to enjoy the German spirit of drinking together.

    Plus Til Schweiger is crazy hot, and you know us...

    Schweiger Cider

    1 shot rye whiskey

    1 shot German apple schnapps

    few dashes of bitters - we used Angostura

    shake with ice

    pour into a glass

    add hard apple cider

    optional: 1/2 shot elderflower i.e. St. Germain


    Tweet us your variations - we like to keep an open mind.


  • Cocktail : Brady Bomb


    Yahoo to beerktails and football shaped food! 

    If you are bored of serving plain ole beer at your sports parties - here's a yummy way to spice it up. 

    For those of you highly distracted by the handsome photos of Tom Brady in the vid, here's the BRADY BOMB recipe:

    1 full shot of whiskey

    1/2 shot elderflower liquor

    1/2 shot pomegranate syrup 

    juice of half a grapefruit 

    shake with ice

    pour into glass

    add beer of your choice - we used a gluten free pale ale


    Like our recipe? Think we have drinking problems? TWEET us