• Cocktail : Hybisco


    Last Monday on the Whiskey and Walkers podcast we sipped a delicious new concoction we called a Hybisco. This would not only be a great romantic cocktail for a lover's night in, but it would also be a fun party bev and could totally be a delicious new jello shot flavor. I'm full of ideas on this one. We drank it while discussing disaster preparedness, but that's what we ALWAYS do. Total nerds.

    Ingredients (2 smallish fancy glass drinks) :

    Hybiscus syrup to taste - depends on how sweet you like it

    1 part Vodka

    1 part Triple Sec

    Juice of 1 Lime

    Sparkling water to top 

    Directions :

    Take your shaker and throw a handful or two of ice inside

    Squeeze the juice of one lime inside

    Add a shot of vodka

    Followed by a shot of triple sec

    Add hybiscus syrup - we used half a shot


    Pour into two glasses and top with fizzy water


  • Suvivault : Being Prepared is Awesome


    It's hard to imagine "The Big One," but after Katrina hit New Orleans, I have not been able to get the nagging fear to leave my brain. 

    I am not prepared.

    Sure, I have an earthquake kit with expired camping food and batteries (maybe) but do I have enough water and medical supplies? Do I have food for my dog? What if I can't find shoes or a bra? AH!

    I guess I always figured some handsome firefighter would show up and carry me to safety, but I'm realizing more and more that this is probably not the truth.

    So in an effort to get it together, my friend Sarah and I interviewed Roy Forbes from Survivault on our podcast and he totally blew our minds. On the up side, he had some fantastic tips and also claims to look better in a swim suit than Clooney, so we like the sounds of that.

    Visit Survivault's site and check out the goods - you can even order supplies to make yourself feel better.

    Do you have a disaster preparedness kit? Are you READY when the zombies come? Tweet us your top kit items and let's all get prepped! 

  • Nice Butt : Daario Naharis


    I'm not sure how it happened, but I totally forgot how hot Daario Naharis is. After seeing him naked last night on the series premiere of Game of Thrones, I had delightful dreams and awoke with a smile on my face. Did you miss his butt's debut last season? Here's a little taste of how insanely sexy he is...

    Did you catch last night's episode? What did you think? Tweet us!

  • Google Roulette : And the winner is...


    Chris Hemsworth. This exact photo. 

    Google Routlette is risky, but I'll take the chances so you don't have to.

    Once I Googled "Sexy Abs" - I do NOT recommend this one while on the bike at the gym unless you want everyone to think you are a pornographer.

    Happy Thursday, Hemsworthians!