• Amazon Pilot : Patriot

    michael dorman 800

    When a friend casually mentioned I would love the Patriot pilot on Amazon I was lucky enough to have a free hour to watch it, and boy o boy was I glad I did. This is one of the best things I have seen in a long time. So good, in fact, I don't think I have held a single conversation in the past few days without mentioning it. 

    A few key points :

    1. Michael Dorman is crazy hot.

    2. Michael Chernus made me actually laugh out loud multiple times. 

    3. Dude, John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) is in it so that's a no brainer. 

    4. It's well written, beautifully shot, and incredibly smart. I want to work on this show so badly it hurts my purpose. 

    Do yourselves a favor and check it out and we can virtually high five after you do. I will be watching it again in an effort to comfort myself while we wait to find out if it will continue (please please please please). 


  • Movie : The Legend of Tarzan


    I love you, Alexander Skarsgård, and I love Tarzan. This is going to be amazing. 

    Did you watch the animated version when you were younger? Or maybe you are too young and you watch it now, who knows. All I know is I have always loved the idea of a wild man with 6 pack abs swinging around the jungle looking for a woman to manhandle - that's the basic theme, right? Who cares, he's hot and it looks fun and I'll probably love it. 

  • Movie : X-Men Apocalypse


    Who doesn't love X-Men? Well, maybe someone but it doesn't matter because we DO!!!

    Will Wolverine grace us with his sexy naked ass? Is Fassbender super handsome always (duh)? We will have to wait to find out!

  • Movie : The Revenant


    This movie looks insane - it will be hard to watch but holy cow them beardy boys look sexy. I'll be the one sobbing and using an entire roll of toilet paper while still trying to inhale my giant tub of popcorn.

    Who are you more excited for, Hardy or DiCaprio? That is, if you can see them through your uncontrollable tears. Jeez. 

  • The Walking Dead : Negan is Cast!


    I love The Walking Dead graphic novels - they are terrifying and awesome...but I also love watching the transformation of the drawings into reality, especially when they look like Jeffrey Dean Morgan


    Any chance they'll add in a wrestling scene between Negan in Rick? Perhaps in the rain? I may have to write a formal request, but you must admit - that would be AMAZING.


    What do you think about this casting choice? Even if you don't know Negan yet (and you will), you have to LOVE Jeffrey. Whew.