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Over the past few years, a talented crew has directed, styled and shot exclusive photos for the DHG app, featuring both established models and fresh faces. The app has set itself apart by presenting consistently high quality photography in a fresh and accessible editorial style.

The Daily Hot Guy team is lead by producer and creator Mary Kay Holmes, who possesses a lengthy background in fashion, entertainment and production. As the curator of the app, Mary Kay works with multiple photographers, actors, and models to create the stunning images seen in the app.

Interested in collaborating? Have questions? Please contact Mary Kay Holmes at (310) 714-4195 or email us here. Press images available upon request. 


With the Daily Hot Guy iphone app you receive a new, exclusive photo of a handsome gentlemen every day, as well as a great quote to make you smile!  The app was created by women, for women, and is completely office-friendly -- nothing sketchy or offensive here, so feel free to pass around to friends and family.   

All photos are exclusive to the DHG app -- we have created them just for you!  

  • Scroll through photos, and download past images you missed
  • Save images to your photo library and email or text to friends
  • Post photos on Facebook—share the fun!
  • Visit the website and check out profiles of the guys

 The STANDARD version is only $.99 and offers ad-free access to the entire DHG library of images.  We also offer a FREE version that is ad-supported and allows access to the 7 most recent Hot Guys. 


The Whiskey and Walkers podcast with Mary Kay and Sarah is now live in iTunes! If you like zombie movies, disaster preparedness, and booze; you'll love our podcast.

Check in weekly for new episodes, signature cocktail recipes and fun guests. Hurray! Now go buy something for your disater kit. GO!

Subscribe here : https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/whiskey-and-walkers/id977333113

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    Mary Kay Holmes

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